Offset fed the people who were waiting in lines!

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The rapper Offset gets satisfied by giving free food to people who came to vote. The Migos member selected three polling locations in Gwinnett and Fulton counties on Tuesday for providing free meals from the food trucks of The Slutty Vegan and Big Dave’s and few ATL staples for their delicious famous cheesesteaks.

A brief overview of Saint Augustine

The rapper Offset collaborated with The Lincoln Project and AXSD Media to help the people with food. This noble cause was to ensure that the constitutional process was carried on legally as it could make a huge difference. The young rapper talks about his excitement to cast his vote for the first time. Offset had a roundtable discussion with T.I. and activists Lee Merritt and Bakari Sellers. They talked about important things, such as the importance of Black male voters encouraging others to vote.

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