Is Career Digitized a Scam? My Own Review

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Is Career Digitized a Scam? My Own Review.

Today my review is about the Career Digitized’s Digital Agent System program, and the question I have for you is, is Career Digitized a scam? Stay with me for the next couple of minutes and I’ll tell all you need to know about this shady program.

I can’t say this enough but, making a research study prior to any purchasing or subscribing into any product is undoubtedly the best way to prevent scams and find a legitimate program that actually makes money online.


PRODUCT NAME: Digital Agent System


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Digital Marketing Course

PRICE: $4997


What Is Career Digitized?

This is an online training program that provides support and mentorship for students who don’t have experience, a degree or for entrepreneurs who want to make their business more digital. According to the official website, they describe it as a digital system developed for digital marketing education, world-class products, and support that would keep the students on the right track at the same time making money online and also building a career that they love.

In simpler terms, the program was developed to help ordinary people make money online. They claim that anyone that takes a basic course should be able to have the right knowledge to create and maintain a digital marketing career.

Career Digitized claim to offer members step by step instructional guidance on digital marketing and other marketing resources and tools that would help students land a high paying job. According to their official website, they seek to provide people with the opportunity to live the life they want without needing the universities high paying tuition. Career Digitized aim to provide courses that will be needed to make money online by landing $50,000-$100,000 salary

What is a Digital Agent System?

My first impression of the Digital Agent System was that it’s a slick and great looking site. They introduced the founder of Career Digitized, together with the student’s reviews which gives you a feeling of confidence and transparency about what they’re doing. I cannot say the same for many other online offerings.

Digital Agent System describes their program as the tools, training, resources and community support to help you succeed in the online arena.

They provide access to Basic of Digital Marketing, Advance Digital Marketing, PPC and SEO etc.

Career Digitized’s mission is to provide the students the guidance, education and tool to take the students mindset and business venture to the next level, giving them the momentum to begin earning money by working remotely as a digital marketing quickly as is realistically possible.


Behind the Career Digitized’s Digital Agent System is An Pei who is the coach and mentor  who started earning high-income jobs at the comfort of your home. In this time of pandemic, An Pei’s mission is to help individuals succeed in digital marketing with out any experience or degree. With his vast knowledge and experience of Digital Marketing, he started creating his own platforms and courses to help beginners expand their skills. These include teaching students vital digital marketing skills with practical assignments and hands-on projects.

How Digital Agent System works

Digital Agent System promotes and offers a week by week full packed training program that was designed from An Pei’s personal digital marketing experience.

For it’s price of  $4,997, which is much considered to be expensive to most people. But this means you’ll be getting full access to the training program, a one on one mentoring and coaching. He even provides  checklists, examples, scripts, interview recordings, for digital marketing jobs. No other program will have a mentor to go out of there way to go into job interviews themselves and record them. This is genuine training that members are exclusively getting after you enroll in the program.

Here are a few things he teaches in the course:

  • How to create a digital marketing resume
  • How to make 6 figures with Facebook Ads
  • How to pass a digital marketing interview
  • How to negotiate for a 6 figure digital marketing salary
  • Advanced Google Advertising
  • Advanced Facebook Ads
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced Email Marketing
  • His proven resume template to getting job offers
  • How to get paid $10,000+ per month
  • 6 Figure Digital Marketing Interview Recordings (this is absolutely key because you know exactly how he talks in his interviews)

Is the Digital Agent System worth the cost?

5 Star

In my own opinion, joining the Digital Agent System is worth every penny.  Some companies tend to over-price their courses. In the Digital Agent System, not only are you learning a very valuable skill that can assist in altering your career path for the better but you are also getting it at a decent price compared to what it cost to  enroll in some big universities and study marketing for a few years.

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