Fans want Charli D’amelio and Noah beck to be together

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TikTok sensation Noah Beck denies rumors as Fans pair Beck and D’Amelio

The social media influencer and recent member of Sway House – Noah Beck’s dating status is speculated by his fans. Recently after his video with the YouTube sensation James Charles, Beck’s love life rumors increased. Several fans were pairing Charles and Beck as Charles confessed to hooking up with an attractive TikToker during a scene of the ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

Before leaving the set, Bryce Hall of Sway House further exclaimed in jest that Charles and Beck were “definitely dating”. This statement prompted fans to continuously pester Noah Beck about his love life status, especially his relationship with James Charles. However, Noah Beck posted on social media that he had never imagined he would need to give an explanation and that he loves James a friend. He was never involved with James.

In the meantime, after Charli D’Amelio officially ended her relationship with Lil Huddy, fans seem to pair the TikTok queen with collegiate soccer rookie Noah Beck. Fans believe that Beck could date many people! Nonetheless, Beck and Charles have denied the rumors of their dating speculations many times through social media. However, Beck’s online activities have left his fans ambiguous.

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Various internet sleuths found out that Beck liked quite a few posts which had content pairing him with different influencers, including dating rumors with D’Amelio. In an interview this July, Beck addressed the rumors pairing him with D’Amelio, confessing that he has been very famous for fan shipping, but he is presently not dating anyone. When he was asked about his online activity and the positive reaction to posts with such rumors about his dating life, he explained that he likes everybody’s posts.

He further said that he likes to post anything relating to his friends. He does not give insights into his love life or about his dating interests. Currently, he seems to concentrate on his career and keep his personal life distant from the media or the public. He exclaimed that in terms of shipping, he is just doing himself at present. He did not react when the paparazzi prompted the probability of going on a double date with D’Amelio’s current boyfriend- Griffin Johnson.

However, Beck’s fans are incredibly anxious and inquisitive about Beck’s love life!

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