Dwayne Johnson is seen getting emotional in his upcoming movie wrapping speech

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Dwayne Johnson, who also goes by the name the rock is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. He is 48 years old and having a career in acting for 20 years now with most of the fantastic and super hit movies. Currently, Dwayne Johnson was working on his upcoming film “Red Notice”, which will be released in the year 2021 and the plot of the movie is as “In the era of the crime world, Interpol issues a red notice to catch world’s most wanted art thief”.

The film is written and directed by Rawson Thurber. Along with Dwayne Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds are also in the movie, making it more attractive for the fans to see this chemistry. Ryan Reynolds has already worked with Dwayne, but it will be the first time Gal Gadot working with Dwayne. The most exciting thing is that all three actors have played the roles of superheroes..

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What did Dwayne mention in his speech?

The shooting of the movie started before the pandemic, but due to lockdown all around the world, it has to be stopped. So the film began its shooting again after the lockdown and recently wrapped it up. At the wrapping party, Dwayne was seen as giving a speech appreciating the efforts of cast and crew members who worked hard even these conditions. Dwayne mentioned that “the people coming to do it sacrificing your family and coming here to work appreciated, we have become the gold standard now as we have managed this production in these harsh conditions set up the gold standards”.

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While giving the speech, Dwayne got emotional as he was thankful for all the people working hard to make this movie successful with 800 crew members. Dwayne mentioned in the caption of the video that they had to run 2000 tests for Covid-19 per week to manage safety at the shooting. In the speech, all the crew members were seen as wearing masks and managing the proper distance between them, Dwayne was seen in all-black look from the top mask to bottom shoes.

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What did Dwayne mention other things in the Instagram Post? 

Dwayne shared his own experience of going through being positive for covid-19 along with his family and that he tried high measures for safety during the shooting. He continued as “I have wrapped many of big productions in my career, but none will ever compare to wrapping red notice and what this represents”. He showed his gratitude for the crew members as they rose to challenge and accomplished something pretty extraordinary.

In the end, Dwayne wished everyone good luck for the break and wished them a fantastic Christmas with their families.

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