Discovering an alternate lifestyle during the pandemic

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The expansion of the internet to the world’s most distant areas has made the lives of people dramatically improved (or disrupted, depending on who you ask). The internet, containing every kind of entertainment, replaces videotape and DVD rental uncle or library to collect the new bestseller.

Since the world slowed down, many of us have rediscovered the joy of reading and watching a dazzling array of online TV shows that help us reconnect to the world outside of four walls and preserve their physiological and cognitive well-being.

Given the infinite options, all have their favorite picks.

Max: treat to dog lovers:

From feeding stray, homeless dogs to watching warm-hearted films such as Max, dog lovers have many options to choose from. It’s a true story, and the movie is a hero dog’s tale. To know the most exquisite emotions of love, commitment, and bonding, everyone should watch this movie. Max is a story that tugs you and makes you cheer up for heroes and is definitely the best movie, as said by a dog lover.

Singing in the Rain: the perfect family drama:

Everything which started as a forced family vacation gradually became relaxed and collaborative family time. A mother who was with her two teens at home admits that watching family’s shows was initially a challenge. But they finally found the perfect show to watch together.

“Singing in the Rain” has a beautiful mix of antiquities of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O’Connor, a deft musical, songs of captivation, fearless dancing, and even a fascinating picture of the transition from silent to speaking.

Undekhi: Thriller web series:

Web series has been a real savior during this lockdown period. A variety of web series that have been released on OTT platforms belongs to vast genres from thriller to classical music.

Undekhi is a Hindi crime thriller web series. It became more interesting because it is based on a real accident. Truth can communicate a positive message in a fictional way than actually listening to stories.

International web series:

It is the endless seasons of the Game of Thrones, Friends, Homeland, and other famous TV shows for others. Money Heist on Netflix had created a severe buzz for quite some time. The various OTT platforms have included numerous web series to keep the audience entertained.


And if we still have problems with internet listening services, then Podcasts has a whole new chapter. Dax Shepard and his co-host Monica Padman’s weekly podcasting is not necessarily an escape from reality. Still, their conversations with celebrities, journalists, and experts on topics like addiction, sexism, and the pandemic of coronavirus can undoubtedly stretch your mental muscle.

This is a pleasant change from the different iterations of the news COVID-19 we were all aware of. This period has undoubtedly been a learning experience, understanding coordination and finding determination. There is no better time to try to make your life worthwhile than now. There are plenty of choices, and the show must go on.

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