What your pets think

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As an animal intuitive and animal psychic, I see the bonds between owner and pets, help calm anxious animals, get to witness the incredible. When I get a message requesting a reading or help, I never know what to expect. Sometimes, it is all of the above.  Yesterday one of my first fur-clients crossed the rainbow bridge. Her owner called me a day prior and let me know Cleo was getting ready to pass. She had stopped eating, stopped drinking, and was sleeping a lot more. I rushed over to the owner’s house to help connect.

Cleo lifted her head up as I came into the room. “Are you here to take me?” she asked. My heart broke. I told her that I wasn’t, but I was there to help her with any last requests she had.

Like other animals that I have connected with that are ready to pass, she wasn’t afraid of going. She told me she was looking forward to running and playing with one of her best dog friends that were waiting for her. (A black poodle, confirmed by her owner as the neighbor’s dog that died a few years back.) Ironically when I had driven up to the client’s house, a black dog had crossed my path. God was indeed ready for her to come home.

It doesn’t make the loss any less painful for us as humans. We don’t have the spiritual comprehension that animals do about life and death. For animals, death is simply a transition. I’ve never heard of an animal afraid that they would cease to exist once they passed. Nor, have I had an animal afraid of hell and damnation for that time they snapped at you for taking their bone.

Hell (from my point of view and what I’ve witnessed as a psychic medium) are human-made concoctions to make us fear and obey. Animals are immune to the judgment from a higher power, nor do they question that there is one. They seem to hold complete knowledge of the Universe and get confused as to why we question it. To them, it is because it has always been. That is why death for them, is simple.

They let go.

And then they are. Utter. Complete. Whole. Still existing, but now in a different form. They are able to run, jump, play, and still check on their beloved humans almost instantaneously from when they leave.

I asked C. The dog the other day about her leaving (dying) and she grew confused. “I’m still going to be here” I heard her say in an almost annoying tone. It was if she was saying, “Silly human! Where else do you think I’d be!”

A pet’s loyalty to their family doesn’t end at death. Indeed in readings with human clients, I have had childhood pets clamoring to be recognized in between conversations with late relatives. All of a sudden a striking gray tabby or golden retriever will butt into a conversation and I’ll have to stop because who wouldn’t recognize a pet coming through?

Those that have left are not gone. They cuddle on your bed in their favorite spot. They stand guard when you’re sick. They even help pick the next pets to come into your life. My late Akita, Koa single-handedly picked out my family’s Australian Cattle dog, Domino. And, when our newly adopted black lab Abbey K went missing for a week, Koa was right there, guiding her to safety.

Recognize your late pets just as you do other humans that are lost. They love to be spoken about. Ask them to come to visit you in your dreams-they will. When you are afraid, ask them for protection. Love them as if they are alive- because they truly, still are. If you’d like more information on animal readings please visit my website: nancymello.com and my instagram: instagram.com/nancy.mello.psychic.medium

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