Watch out for CARDI B’s ‘WAP’

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Cardi B is back with another Billboard no.2, collaborating with the rapper Meghan Thee Stallion, another badass rapper who achieved a lot of fame with her rap song “Savage” which was a hit on social media worldwide. Even Beyonce agreed to sing in the remix version with Megan.
WAP, short for “WET ASS PUSSY” is a sexually explicit song where Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion take viewers on a journey through their whimsical visuals of the WAP house, which has snake pits and the big cats. This illicit video features a lot of powerful women such as the beauty mogul Kylie Jenner, the Fifth Harmony ex-member Normani, and beautiful women like Rosaliá. Cardi, in an interview, states that these were the women that she likes, and who are very powerful in their personality.

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Cardi also stated that she wanted a lot of females to feature in this video, not just female rappers. She wanted women who were models, influencers, who had a strong personality. It is so evident in the final music video that the women featured were strong, bold and had their uniqueness, hence taking the primary purpose of women empowerment ahead.

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This song sparked a lot of controversies since it was during the “BLACK LIVES MATTER” movement and the white majority were considered very racist, with “Karens'” emerging. People backlashed at Cardi for allowing Kylie Jenner to star as a cameo in the music video as she was the only woman not of color. A lot of fans dissed Kylie Jenner for appearing in the video whereas Cardi denied all the negativity by saying that she doesn’t care whether the females featured were black or not. Another subject of controversy was whether this video promotes women empowerment, as the majority of the song consists of more than 40 words that needed to be changed for a cleaner version. The video consists of the women showcasing their bodies and dancing explicitly, which is not a clean way to promote women’s empowerment, as said by many older generation people. But Cardi being Cardi dissed off all the haters. Way to go Cardi!

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This song blew up to a whole new extent, with new dances in social media performed by a lot of people, including a lot of celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens.

Cardi, being Cardi, wanted everyone to enjoy WAP, every day of the week and is trying it certified at the trademark office. She has finally filed the paperwork for trademarking the famous WAP, saying that she wants to print “WAP” on every gear we possibly can find. Believe me; it’s not just Jewellery, Bags and clothes, Cardi wants people to have a taste of WAP too! She has already trademarked liquor and liquor beverages, sports drinks, beer, fruit juices as well as mineral water! As if this is not enough, Cardi has also filed for trademarked posters and stickers.

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It’s ironic that initially, Cardi wanted everyone to enjoy WAP by certifying a WAP merchandise that featured Water-resistant Products like Umbrellas, spandex sports bras, and biker shorts. In contrast, now she is selling WATER trademarked with WAP. LOL. She has her online shop up and running, and the WAP Merchandise is already a hit.

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