Trump’s Dirty Laundry Leak: A Bluff?

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As the political and public unrest spreads across the country, many controversies and scandalous defamations have been circling around the internet regarding many public figures. Consequently, Donald Trump’s absence in this row of controversies was next to impossible. Around May this year, the internet went haywire over the recent ‘leaks’ of Donald Trump’s naked picture but however scandalous and amusing the whole situation may appear to us, is it even real? Where did it come from? Is the Anonymous group behind it? While other similar reports of ‘dirty laundry data leak’ surfaced, this single picture was what gave it the spark. Multiple sources have even linked these leaks to the internet ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous and have allied the claims of such leaks as an attempt by the international group to defame the US president.

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REvil: Who Started It All

Before Trump’s naked picture conflama took twitter by storm, a claim by the criminal cybergroup REvil sparked controversy. REvil is known for stealing sensitive information from companies, organizations, and public figures and asking for ransom in exchange for not publishing it. That was how it all started. Post REvil’s ransomware attack on New York-based law firm Grubman Shire Meiselas & Sacks, the group claimed the possession of a pile of dirty laundry data regarding the USD president Donald Trump and asked for a ransom of $42 million, all of which it later claimed to have sold to an interested party. The massive breach is thought to have stolen 756GB of data.

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Trump’s Infamous ‘Nude’ an Art Project

It only roared from there as multiple similar pretenses of withholding sensitive information relating to Donald Trump surfaced and following the recent protests all over the country against police brutality and racial discrimination. These claimants did not ask for a ransom. They merely wanted to disparage the US president, following which these accounts had a sudden surge of followers, many even crossing 500K. Amidst these assertions, one such user posted a picture of what seemed to be a naked Donald Trump getting spray tanned. As the picture quickly went viral amid the rising claims, some said the image was leaked by the decentralized international hacktivist collective, Anonymous. Despite these claims, the photo was identified as fake. It portrays a model made to look like Trump in a room that resembles the Oval Office and was initially created as an art project by Alison Jackson.

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Where Does Anonymous Come In?

It doesn’t. As soon as this situation blew up, many twitter users and groups claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous came forward with Anonymous’s claims being behind the data leak. Despite these claims, Anonymous has mostly stayed silent and asserted against its association with such operations.

While most of these Twitter handles have gained a considerable following and may seem real, most of them are speculated to be psychological operation campaigns. These are operations to convey selected information to audiences to influence their emotions and objective reasoning and, ultimately, the behavior of governments, organizations, and individuals.

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