Top 8 fashion trends of this fall

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Although strong influences from the ’80s and ‘ 90s have taken over the past few seasons, we are at a point in fashion where styles seem to relate back to more than a generation all at once. Here is a sneak peek at the trendiest fashion this fall.

Faux fur- o’cious

There is no piece to make you feel more sophisticated than one blessed with faux fur. The second the fur-adorned piece of your choice reaches your body, you’ll feel like a posh, the rich version of yourself that comes out of its shell.

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Fringe it out

With the addition of fringe info, this fall, our favorite basics are taking a turn. The texture integrates a pop of fun in locations that are usually void of it, whether it’s on a denim jacket or at the bottom of a pair of jeans.

Jewel Tones -licious

When summer comes to a close, jewel tones are always on course to rear their pretty heads, and, obviously, this year is not an exception. The eye-catching styles of beautiful shades of citrine, emerald, ruby, and sapphire are the illusion of a color-lover.

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Prep it all

It was all about Western-inspired vibes last fall, but this year, we are turning into a preppy world. Think of navy, lines, and plenty of customization. Basically, if it’s worn by models, you are capable of wearing it, too.

Punk up

Source: @safinaaaslam

’90s-Esque punky plaids are back on the other end of the continuum from preparation. Edgy, you’ll feel like the best girl in school with dark plaid pleated tops, jeans, and dresses.

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Shades of nude all the way

Source: @sasha.mei

Designers are gradually taking the lead and making pieces in nudes in all skin tones, a far cry from the pale beiges in past seasons. Nude shades are the colors to choose from this season, from deep browns to warm camel hues.

Metallics fun

Source: @raeannlangas

This fall, with an eye-catching twist, fundamentals are getting elevated: the inclusion of heavy metals. Some of the sexiest hues of the season will be silver, gold, and bronze.

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Geometric prints

Source: @abimarvel

Big, bold geometric shapes are one of the most influential trends in the fall of 2020. From bulky jackets to your favorite sweaters, abstract lines and dots adorn it. With this theme, more out-of-the-box ideas can be seen.

This fall is going to be “more inside and less outside,” owing it to the COVID situation but that does not means you have to say NO to fashion trends. With these fashion trends coming your way, we hope you won’t just sit there but try them while you are at your home.

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