Ace the art of blending eye shadow to glam up your eyes

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Eye makeup is an intricate art. Your blending technique can make or break the precision of the eye shadow. Blending into the crease gives a perfect look. You should know which type of brush to use for different eye makeups. Despite watching numerous videos, you need the practice to master the skill.

Check out a few “not-to-forget” tips:

Primer is a necessity

Just as we use primer for our face before makeup, eye shadow primer equally essential before we proceed with eye makeup. Isn’t it important to seal the deal when you are putting so much effort to make your eye shadow look perfect? Well, a primer prevents your eye shadow from creasing and makes the look last longer. Get a suitable primer, or you can use an old concealer to prime your eyelids. Apply the primer and wait for at least ten minutes before you put on the eyeshadow colors.

Use the brushes appropriately

A single brush is enough if you are planning for a monochromatic makeup look. However, if you want a full cut crease look or holographic lids, then at least two brushes are suggested. Using brushes as per requirements ensure a neat look. You get a perfect blend, and you can highlight the appearance of all the colors you use.

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Over blending spoils the look

Do you realize why blending is said to be an art? Well, blending requires a sense of knowledge as to when to stop. It means a seamless blending is essential, but sometimes this step can lead to over blending of your eye shadows. To avoid such blunders, start with a light color and gradually soften the dark shades at the outer corners of your eyelids.

You can fix poor ‘color payoff’

If your eye shadow does not have a great ‘color payoff’, trust the wet brushes! Use your flat brush to spritz some rose water, or makeup-fix spray, or a face mist. Make the area damp and then press your brush softly into your pallet to get more pigment. Further, dab the brush on your eyelids and voila. Now you have ample hues on your eyes.

Right shade makes your eyes talk

A person with fair skin tone is often excited to see the colorful palate. However, always matching the lid color with your outfit is a boring idea! Complementing shades have a charming effect, and you can match the family of your eye color with your lip color.

Choose the texture appropriately

Where are you going? How is the weather? All such conditions can help you decide the texture of eye shadow you must use. For instance, if it’s a hot day or summers, a powder eyeshadow works. In contrast, during winters or for a cold surrounding, creamy eye shadows look the best.

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