People working from home are thinking creatively amid desk shortages

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The pandemic has reshaped our lives completely, and the work environment is not spared too. The number of people routinely working from home remained in the single digits prior to the pandemic. The trend of working from home, however, had steadily gained traction for years, as it was increasingly accommodated by technology and company cultures. So it’s also possible that since the pandemic, many individuals who are now operating from home for the first time will continue to do so.

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When they have done that, they may want to proceed. Within a few years, 30 percent of people will work from home several days per week. Employees have been pent-up in demand for greater work-life flexibility, and that the coronavirus has made their employers see the light, mainly because they had to work from home themselves.

Innovation, especially as the pace of business cycles continues to expand, is critical for growth. That said, while 84% of executives agree on the value of innovation, only 6% are satisfied with the success of innovation within their organization. If you want your workers to succeed in problem-solving, it’s vital that you build an atmosphere that promotes workplace innovation and creativity.

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Online sales of desks and furniture, such as desk chairs and lamps, rose by up to 83% in August from the previous year. Interest in desks doubled on Facebook Marketplace in the last month. Sites that sell used goods display spiking interest. We can successfully blame it all on the ongoing pandemic.

This fall, millions of children signing up for virtual schools have parents struggling to find furniture for them. Compared to kids who don’t even have home internet or laptops, it’s a minor indignity, but it’s a nuisance for parents lucky enough to have space and money to afford desks the same way.

Around the same time, some people know that they’re going to work from home for the foreseeable future and need new furniture. People scour shops close and far and even make their own, to find desks.

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People are seeking other ideas, posting tips on converting dressers or bookshelves on Pinterest and Facebook into makeshift desks. It is, however, much cheaper than what is being sold online. As the demand gets higher, the cost increases proportionally. On the other hand, buying the raw materials to make a desk at home by yourself will cost much lesser than you can ever expect.

For the first time, an educator working from home had to upgrade from her temporary setup: an upside-down laundry basket on a bedside table. The desk from Amazon she desired was out of stock. None were available at Target or Walmart for under $200.

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Because of high demand, Goal and Ikea are restocking home office supplies. On requests for comment, Amazon and Walmart did not respond.

In August, the sales of desks and other accessories were up 283% and these are the online sales we are talking about. This data was released by Rakuten Intelligence who specializes in tracking shopper behavior. The hype is so high that people have started to offer solutions, share advice on how to turn their dressers or bookshelves into a makeshift desk. You can find them all over Facebook and Pinterest.

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