Pajamas: The new fashion trend in town

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They tell fashion is a collection of dos & don’ts. Okay, we are against agreeing. Wearing a Pj in public is still regarded as a fashion disaster, more or less. Pajamas have long been all the rage. There are days when it seems like the most appropriate choice to sit in your PJs all day, and that’s perfectly fine too. As we eventually come out of the winter, overly broad silk pajamas make the perfect no binary-seasonal outfit if you’re indoors all the time, but you get the idea. Cult brand Sleeper has feather-cut and lace styles that are so popular that they regularly restore them. 

At the end of last year, a style icon decided to launch a catalog of seven individual pajama sets for quintessentially British style with its trademark flair. Not only aimed at wearing during bedtime, but she also envisaged the collection as a staple, multi-tasking wardrobe to wear from night today. Give the denim a break; pajama outfits are the new denim. If you’re fortunate enough to be venturing out on vacation when it’s all over, the pure linen dress donned over a bikini or swimsuit is now a staple look for editors and influencers’ holiday. Look for some timeless pastel.

Younger generations repurpose clothes as per their little more casual tastes, and they want to push the limits and experiment with the fashion-forward. Since clothing has already become so relaxed, moving a step further with pajamas has slipped into the acceptability boundaries. A full head-to-toe pajama ensemble is still a public-wear challenge. Yet, undoubtedly, shoppers find comfort a priority, and laws are less rigid than they used to be. We got so relaxed we would wear our bathrobes out on the street.

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Different variations — a pajama top with jeans, biker jacket trousers, denim jacket slip dress — can make you look trendy and relaxed. The Sleeper robe can also play the role of a summer coat or only a wrap dress. When we wear outfits designed for the home, we dress for ourselves; those outfits reflect who we are. Home wear can tell a lot more about our personality than public image-oriented clothing.

It is advisable to buy these outfits from top-notch brands, but do not worry if you are on a stricter budget. There is plenty to offer on the high street too. We have a wide variety of stylish nightwear, ranging from primary nights to separate illustrated. While last season was all about complementary separates, try mixing things up a bit this time around. When you’re going for a walk (of course following the social distancing rules), team up a shirt with a cropped jacket, a statement earring, and a flip flop, or wear a slip skirt with dad’s sandals and a crop top. And sit at home, and look fantastic. You might also think you might add any robes that you might conflict with other printed nights or pajama sets. Either way, there is a sleepwear style to suit all.

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