Must Follow These Teachers on TikTok

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Have you installed tik tok yet? It might seem like an entertainment app and mostly recommended for kids, but this app has got more than what meets the eyes. The app has a remarkable community of teachers who carve up guidelines, counsel, and side-splitting everyday moments. This article mentions ten such teachers who are putting out enjoyment and encouraging with relevant content and are most definitely worth a follow.

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Students love her infectious energy and enthusiasm. She shares her life with her two cute toddlers and ensures making teacher parodies and fun dances on tik tok.


This tik tok maker gives tips on engaging and motivating students in the classroom. She is a 4 th grade teacher who also has an Instagram account where she shares tons of more such tips.


The tik toks made by thatnewteacher is an all in one combo of fun and funny moments. It once received seven million views on a video showing the teacher getting the class’s attention. Her content is relatable.

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She got very popular due to her entertaining multiplication tables song, which is very easy to catch upon for students and learn things quickly. Her energy is enthralling and draws in the students.


heyashleyg is a unique one as she has tips for teachers on technology. She is basically from Texas. Not only are her tips helpful, but her love for color, beautiful and graceful fonts, and fun designs are great and awe-inspiring. If you need some ideas for livening up your teaching materials, you must follow her now.

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Mr. Papetti is a math teacher whose videos indulge students and make math more fun and enthusiastic. His videos are amusing and entertaining, and he seems to be a down to earth tik tok maker. His video shows his love for math as the teacher ensures this by featuring math puns, everyday teacher humor, and Pi day celebrations. He keeps the students engrossed with suitable fun activities.


We are bringing you yet another math teacher who puts the fun in math. She has a feeling of pure satisfaction and joy when her students submit their homework. This captivating moment of hers is truly enduring.


Coachfaught is a physical education teacher who hasn’t been left out in this list due to the fun tik toks made by him. He ensures that P.E teachers don’t feel left out in distance learning by engaging in tik tok videos.


Yet another group of the teacher on tik tok. A librarian who makes any kid excited about reading. She shares her love for reading through tik tok videos and makes kids excited about reading now and then.


She calls herself the “CEO of #TeacherTipTuesday,” and she lives up to this self-acclaimed title of hers. Thatcrazyteacher posts an assortment of tips for teachers who are not only convincingly relatable but are funny as well. Don’t forget to check out her tips for the bulletin board.

With this shutdown due to the COVID19 lockdown, many families are coming across what teachers in their lives do in the classroom through tik tok videos. All these teachers on tik tok videos are flooded with the perfect odes of learning and cuteness.

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