Music Video Shot By An Alleged Trespasser

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The famous Neverland Ranch of Michael Jackson is now the backdrop of a new music video. Though, the surprising part is, it is not for a posthumous MJ track but an artist who snuck onto the property allegedly. 

Here is what happened in real

An upcoming artist Daeshard confirmed that he has permission to shoot his music video this summer at the Neverland Ranch. But, the folks who run the place say he did not have any such permission.

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When this video made the highlights, MJ fan’s concern regarding the video raised the alarm confirming that there is no way the artist would have been allowed to shoot a Neverland Ranch video as no one would be approved to film a project there. The Colony Capital declared the confirmation of the video not being authorized. 

Along with their confirmation, Colony Capital also said that the people who were shooting the video were trespassing. When security asked them to leave the place, they did. 

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Sources close to this recent happening inform us that the security spotted three individuals with three GoPro cameras along with an iPhone. They were shooting the video on July 23. 

The security strictly told the three individuals that they were trespassing and asked them to delete the footage immediately, and ordered them to leave the grounds. The security didn’t inform the police because they erased the footage right then and there but didn’t realize that it was not all. 

Does hard most obviously didn’t stop until he got enough footage, depicted in his music video. His recent release shows him rapping all over the ranch, very closely.

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The rapper has no intention of hiding these events as he also posted a picture from the property. The sources acclaimed that the trio hid some footage intentionally when the security confronted them. 

Also, Daeshard stands firm on the ground, saying that he was permitted to shoot the video there though the name of the authority who allowed him to shoot a video on the Neverland Ranch hasn’t been revealed. 

We still dont know if the video shot was alleged or not.

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