Lip balm users must keep these tips in mind

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Lip balm is one of the first beauty products you use, and its importance has been realized over the years. Beauty experts say that applying lip balm under lipstick is not good. This interferes with lipstick adherence, so opt for a moisturizing lip balm instead. Follow these simple tips to invest in good lip balm.

Make sure it has an SPF

It would be best if you took equal care of your lips. So use lip balm, which has at least SPF 10 or 15. Ensure that your lips are not cracked and rough. It is also important to note that our lips are sensitive compared to other parts of the face.

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Gel-based lip balm

Gel-based lip balm is squeezed through a small hole in the lipstick-shaped applicator tip. A slightly smaller than pea size should provide sufficient coverage. Liquid lip lumps often come with a leg known as a foot applicator. These are attached to the balm cap and store the balm on the spongy applicator tip. A thin, even coating for the lips and the area just outside the mouth is best for keeping those areas moisturized. Don’t worry about overdoing it – all you have to worry about is a little shiny around your mouth.

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Go for the double-duty variant

You can also go for one with a mint flavor, which can be used as a breath freshener. Not just for the basics, buy products that meet at least two of your demands simultaneously. We all love our good old petroleum jelly, but nothing beats beauty products that work two products at once. Think of a slightly tinted Rosie lip balm that can double as a pair of gloss or blush-highlighter.

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Pay attention to packaging

Opt for plastic-free packaging, go for small glass cases that can be refillable with DIY options. But they also come in various packages such as tubes, sticks, or small jars. Of these, we suggest you opt for stick variants so that it can be applied directly to your lips without using your fingers. Steer is evident from those variants because they usually contain phenols or camphor that snatch your skin’s protective layer, making them more vulnerable.

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Instead, choose lip balms that are enriched with shea or cocoa butter. Even wax is good because it forms an invisible protective layer and has anti-bacterial properties. There is no need to drag and tug on your poor, idle finger to try to remove your stuck ring. Coat the finger with lip balm and gently loosen the ring. You can use lip balm as styling wax to prepare unruly mustaches, eyebrows, or other hair that may require roaming. First, apply balm on your lips and let it sit for a few minutes before applying lipstick. This allows moisturizing agents to work their magic on your lips first.

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