Johnny Depp is going to get paid an 8 figure salary for fantastic beasts 3

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After shooting one scene for the third Fantastic Beasts movie, Johny Depp was asked to resign by the studio. After losing the “wife beater” lawsuit, Johny Depp exited the Fantastic Beasts movie franchise. He announced on social media that he is quitting the franchise after Warner Bros requested his resignation. Although the actor is not part of the movie’s third installment, he will be paid in full by Warner Bros. The Hollywood Reporter reported this. The salary mentioned is a whopping right figure amount.

It was also reported that the actor had a pay or play contract with the studio. The contract states in case the film is recast or even shelved, the actor must get paid. Since the production began in September 2020, Depp had only shot one scene.

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The Fantastic Beasts franchise has three prominent stars in leading roles who are Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law, and Johnny Depp. It was stated that the third installment might revolve around the storyline of Dumbledore and Grindelwald. It was going to be the main plot of the third movie. But now, with the departure of Depp, the role of Grindelwald will likely be recast by the studio as a replacement for Depp.

The first two movies of the Fantastic Beasts have won many people’s hearts and earned over $1.4 billion globally. However, the second movie collected only $654 million. It led to a drop.

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Johnny Depp had set his mark as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of Caribbean area monopoly. But, when it came to the conversation of rebooting the franchise began at Disney, the studio decided to recast the role.

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