Red Table Talk: Jada Pinkett admits relationship with August Aslina

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During the brief-separation of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith, Jada was in a relationship with singer August Alsina. Jada and Will Smith have been married since 1997 and have two children, namely Willow and Jaden. However, they seemed to be uncomfortable while in the talk show.

Jada wanted to come to the table to clarify the media headlines. In the “Red Table Talk,” Jada admitted that she was in a relationship with Alsina when Will Smith and she decided to separate. Jada started four years ago as friendship and a family effort to assist Alsina with his mental state. Alsina was sick when they initially met, and at that time, Will and Jada were going through a difficult phase. The couple decided to separate for a span of time wherein they would determine how they could make themselves happy.

From that time gradually, Alsina and Jada got into a relationship. Jada says that in the process of the relationship, she realized that she could not look for happiness outside herself.

Previously, Alsina told the media that he was in a long relationship with Jada and that they had “blessings” of Will Smith. However, Jada did not agree on Alsina’s statement of Smith’s permission for their affair. She said that she was the one who permitted herself to be in a relationship with Alsina in that circumstance. However, she took Alsina’s stand, saying that he made the statement to clarify that he’s not a homewrecker.

Further, Jada explained that she was in pain as she was broken. Fortunately, both Will and Jada were in the process of healing in different ways. They tried hard to stay away from each other but finally realized that it was not possible. Jada admits that she learned a lot about herself in her relationship with Alsina. She also said that it was weird to open up about the matter at this point in time as Alsina and she had broken off their communication long back.

Will Smith said that he was not sure that he could ever speak to Jada and that speaking to her is a miracle. He added that there’s a real power to know someone is riding with you despite all the odds, and one cannot understand this unless they go through those odds.

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