Susan Kelechi Watson Confirms Is Single?

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Susan Kelechi Watson, the This Is Us actress, just took a 180* flip and flabbergasted everyone confirming that she was single after she confirmed her engagement a year before with Jaime Lincoln Smith. 

She gave away this news in the form of an Instagram post on Saturday morning of November 7, writing in the story that she thought becoming singe was the only eventful thing that was going to happen to her in 2020. 

Watson intended to bring in the big news of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the named president and vice- president in the white house on Saturday morning through this story along with her other news of being single. 

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 Through this platform, she confirmed that she has broken off things with Smith. Although judging by her write-up, it can be said that the split-up may have happened a long time ago. Also, Smith hasn’t said anything yet, so it doesn’t tell us much about what happened precisely and how things happened. Let’s wait for Smith to turn up with something as well.

When we checked the Instagram posts of both the actors, Smith and Watson seemed to have deleted their Instagram posts about each other, and break up appears to be a permanent thing that must have taken place a while ago, which is almost proved by Watson’s comment. 

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Though going through this breakup’s shackles, both Watson and Smith were thrilled about Biden’s big win along with Harris’s second-highest position in the land. They both showed their interest, and their pride in this significant political achievement was reflected through their Instagram posts.

It is believed that many people, more exceptionally the black people, are delighted about Harris and take great pride in her winning this position. This political news is most definitely the right step in the right direction, bearing the recent occurrences. But it can be ensured through this acclaim that American politics is making progress culturally and socially in the country.

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Let’s keep evolving in the right direction from now onwards. Also, 2020 has proven to be a crazy year full of breakups and deaths, including crazy politics and even crazier elections. It is just November yet. Can we run past the time and make things better already? What does the upcoming month, December, have in store for us?  Let us hope it is something optimistic and exciting. So let us keep our hopes high.

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