Is Kim divorcing Kanye?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are no outsiders to media scrutiny. Still, a distinct tone has emerged in the recent news cycle around them —increasing questions about the future of their relationship. Such new developments can be traced back to West’s announcement he was running for election, and most prominently to a South Carolina campaign rally. While the two were incredibly openly supportive of each other during their marriage’s ups and downs, a source claims they’ve been moving in different directions over the past few years. The two unconditionally love each other but have grown apart over the years, and it’s come to the point that it may be too far away to save now.

Kim made a declaration about her husband’s bipolar disorder as he was always concerned about the mental health of the 43-year-old rapper in his presidential campaign. He continued to tweet about Kim and her mother, Kris Jenner, despite breaking down at his South Carolina rally earlier this month and making derogatory comments about Kim and their children, saying his wife was trying to “lock him up” when she was “absolutely distraught” over the tweets.

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Kim and even the family would like to see Kanye work with his anxiety disorder and see the medical practitioners he has met in the past who have helped him cope with it. Although Kanye refuses anything from Kim and the family, they are optimistic that he comes to his senses and works with them to get support. Kim gives room to Kanye because she doesn’t want to bother him, but she has reached out several times. A lot is in Kanye’s hands right now, because he is the one who has to confront his mental illness and seek support. Kanye is actually in Wyoming, and many of his famous friends have visited him.

In her long Instagram Story post on Wednesday, Kim asked the media and fans for sympathy, and also defended herself from accusations that she was not trying to get him support. She said anyone who has this or who does have a loved one in their life understands how incredibly difficult and frustrating it is to follow. Many, who recognize the mental disorder, or even compulsive behavior, realize that if the individual is a minor, the family is helpless. Those who are not aware of this reality or are far from it may be judgmental and do not realize that the victim himself needs to seek help no matter how hard family and friends try. She described Kanye as a talented yet challenging person.

She also added that many close to Kanye know his spirit, and sometimes realize his words do not fit his intentions. Living with bipolar disorder doesn’t negate or invalidate his aspirations and imaginative ideas, no matter how large or impossible they might sound to others. As a culture, we’re thinking about giving grace to the whole problem of mental health, but we can also give it to people living with it.

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