Honoring Kobe and family, Vanessa Bryant reveals a special tattoo

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Vanessa Bryant revealed something that will leave you astonished. Vanessa revealed a picture on her Instagram page on Tuesday. She posted a picture of her right foot with tattoos of different names on it and guess what…we got to know that those were Kobe Bryant and his family’s name that she inked on her right foot intending to give them an honorable tribute. The tattoo looks beautiful on her beautiful foot; it is beautifully done by the tattoo artist. Vanessa gave him a shout out also, appreciating him for his work. You will be surprised to know that he is the same tattoo artist who tatted on Kobe tribute on Snoop this week and his name is Mr. Cartoon, which maybe not his actual name but seems cute and it’s appropriate as per his profession.

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The names on her foot were visible very clearly, and those were in the orders – Kobe, Vanessa, Natalia, Giana, Bianka, and Capri. She got these names tatted along the outside of her right foot. We cannot even imagine her level of grief after his husband’s death.

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This tattoo shows the love that she is holding inside her heart for her late husband. I know that nothing is capable of expressing the extreme grief and immense love that she carries within her. She is consoling herself by doing these things that may distract her.

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Vanessa had tatted some tattoos in February as well, giving tribute to Kobe…but she had not made any specific revelation of that on social media.
All she would reveal that a special message from her daughter for his late father inked on her wrist and a sweet message from her husband Kobe inked on her neck. The work was done by another tattoo artist (a female tattoo artist) and she appreciated her too for her work by thanking her on social media.

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And now she revealed another art on her foot. Vanessa’s popular friends have been way too supportive and nice that they always have her back. One of her friends Khloe Kardashian, reached out saying “You are so beautiful and strong!!!” She shows that she has got some true friends who always come in support of her and never back out in helping her emotionally.

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