Hair trends for 2021

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Owing to COVID-19 for the irregular salon visits, these are some 2021 hair trends that we have in mind. Check below to pick up your style for the coming year.

Holiday hair

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For years, Balayage and Bronde have reigned supreme, but it’s all about achieving ‘holiday hair’ when it comes to caramel color in 2021. Instead of just one solid hue, overall color patterns have been more sophisticated and polished and more about the art and positioning of color. The natural lightness in the hair is emulated by highlighting techniques, mainly to produce the holiday hair that we would typically have from traveling the world.

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Layers make a comeback

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We’re moving towards “going back to getting layers through the hair, but layers that are subtle and offer the hair a more lived-in look. Blunt tips may have been on the way out,” cut patterns have been towards one length cuts and massive bobs, but it’s time for form and movement again.


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Did you think that accessories were out of fashion? For accessories, there is always a time and place, and the reason we are sending more accessories lately is that the alternatives are getting better and better.

Looks with low-maintenance

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With short cuts and vibrant colors at the top, the trend toward low-maintenance looks will intensify. Hairdressers did well during the pandemic to keep salons clean, but while customers might not make as many trips to the salon, the popularity of these looks will continue.

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Natural textures

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The natural hair trend is not going to be old anytime soon. Whether it’s curly, coarse, or frizzy, people are satisfied with their natural texture. People are blooming into who they really are, and so for some, that could mean that they go with their hair’s natural texture and shape. Instead of flattening it out, people with curls are more likely to stress that.


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2021 will be a mixture of both when it comes to playing it safe or being daring, determined entirely by the individual. People feel more motivated to accept their uniqueness and are less likely to seek inspiration from others. People will look to illustrate their natural hair color as well as incorporating bright colors as part of this process, similar to hair type.

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The gloss look

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Glass hair has stayed a choice of the A-list, but to get such high shine results, you don’t have to be in showbiz. Glossing services are something that people have always had access to but seldom take any chance. The latest treatment for 2021 is a gloss over the top of your hue and primer.

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Scalp nourishment

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The scalp treatment is another type of hair that continues to thrive, and this is unlikely to vanish any time soon. Hairdressers are improving at convincing their customers on what can really make their hair the best it can possibly be, and that starts with great care for the scalp. If you have a scalp in fantastic shape, this prepares the atmosphere for the best hair growth, so the hair looks healthier.

On a light note

Every hair natural or colored has its own essence and before your start styling, it is important to embrace your natural hair. Keep in mind that any use of the product to color and style your hair should be done after checking thoroughly. Rough and dry hair is something you would want the lest. Rest assured, we will have more such content keep coming your way.

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