Life hacks: Hair Conditioner not limited to hair care

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Have you ever used your hair conditioner to serve any purpose other than conditioning your hair? Before we get to know easy hacks, let us explore the properties of a regular hair conditioner. Conditioners nourish our scalp by sealing the cuticle to lock the nutrients and remove the pollutants. It keeps the hair from getting entangled, prevents breakage, hair loss as well as split ends. Did we miss out on something? Yes, we did not correlate the uses of this product for reasons other than hair conditioning or nourishment. Most people are unaware that conditioners can be useful for different purposes, and it is not only constrained to hair care.

Let us explore the interesting uses of your regular hair conditioner:

  • Do you use a body shampoo to moisturize your bath? Generally, if you use body scrubs to create foam, you can add a small amount of your regular hair conditioner. Conditioner restores the moisture of your body, and you will have a moisturized body.
  • Considerably, you don’t even need a shaving cream separately! Use your conditioners as a shaving cream as moisturizing is the goal. Also, we have already stated the importance of conditioners in restoring the moisture.
  • You all would agree that the fragrance of conditioners in very appealing. So why not make your clothes smell pleasant? We all feel lazy to wash our clothes at times, or we are in a hurry to go somewhere, and we suddenly realize that the clothes we want to wear are not washed. Why worry when you can personalize your fabric softener or instantly refresh your clothes?
  • Add little conditioner to a proportionate amount of water and store it in a spray bottle and shake it well to mix the contents. You can make your clothes smell fresh.
  • Additionally, even when you wash your clothes, you can use these conditioners as laundry conditioners. Soak your clothes in warm water and add a little conditioner. Leave the clothes soaked for an hour, then rinse them and put them for drying.
  • A little bit of conditioner can help you in manicure as well as in pedicure. Massage your cuticles using a conditioner with a cotton swab. Your cuticles become naturally soft.
  • Has the drain in your restroom clogged? You can pour a few drops of conditioner to make it clog-free.

We all come across situations where these hacks would be useful. So, which is your favorite life hack using your regular conditioners?

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