Delete Social Media To Enjoy These Mental Health Benefits

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The current situation is best to take a social media cleanse. Heading into the season of election and the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, you might feel like throwing away your phone or just unplug. From the latest pandemic news and political views to friends’ vacation selfies inducing FOMO, this is the best time to get rid of social media.

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What is the meaning of “social media cleanse”?

It is all about breaking free from social media. This fancy term probably came up from the phrase “the celeb social media cleanse”. Celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Demi Lovato stepped away from social media. Due to unending notifications, selfies, and trolls, other celebrities like Justin Bieber, Chrissy Teigen, and Taylor Swift take time off social media.

It might be time for you to consider “social media cleanse”!

Well, it all depends on whether you are feeling more connected or less connected while you are spending time on social media. Frequently seeing happy moments and polished or attractive pictures of other people on social media can make us set unrealistic expectations from ourselves, resulting in a bad experience of comparing ourselves with others.

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Hence, we might feel more disconnected and isolated from overusing social media. Such an experience becomes even worse if you deal with anxiety, self-esteem, depression, or just general stress due to the pandemic. So, if you have any such feelings, you should know it’s time for a break.

How to go about with social media cleanse?

In this world of Instagram and Snapchat, most of us need a break from social media and digital work. We need to get back to the world before technology. It might not be glamorous because you need to deactivate your social media accounts and delete those apps from your phone for a long period. You could follow for a few days, months, or even a year. It is your choice!

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To keep track of yourself and ensuring that you maintain the cleanse, apps like Freedom and Self Control can help you.

Is social media cleanse beneficial for mental health?

You don’t need to guilt yourself into social media cleanse if you feel fair with your social media or technology habits. However, if social media becomes a reason for your stress, taking a break is helpful.

Take a look at some significant benefits:

Your sleeping habits improve

Usually, we sleep with our phones, but it can take a toll on your sleep-cycle and sleeping habits. The artificial light from your phone interferes with melanin production (melanin is a hormone responsible for sleep). If you stay away from social media, you will be least involved with your phone and sleep faster.

Re-prioritize in-person interactions

Social media helps to keep contact with people around the world but at the expense of personal interactions. You can try video calls during this pandemic instead of always chatting via Facebook and take out time for family.

You can relax more

Technology and social media could be a reason for depression and loneliness, and hence, staying away or taking a break can help mitigate anxiousness. Constant social media interaction can become stressful.

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May Curb FOMO

If you feel the FOMO while continually checking social media, it is best to take a break and enjoy your current lifestyle.

You make time for other things

If you stop giving the maximum time on social media and take cleanse, you will get time to explore various things. You can spend time pursuing your hobbies.

Therefore, a social media-free world can be your metaphorical oyster. Moreover, you can ease back in alongside continuing with your adapted hobbies to maintain the balance.

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