Chris rock’s insight on civil rights and racism

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Chris Rock, an actor-comedian, said that all civil rights movies haven’t dug deep into the core of racism as they tend to show it in the movies. Racism is dealt with from the surface level, and the problems faced by all African- Americans haven’t been thrown light.

It is challenging to enjoy movies by ignoring the racism issue, which has been ongoing for so many years. Most civil rights movies incline to show racism as a fixable predicament, but it is beyond.

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The struggle to end institutionalized racial discrimination, disenfranchisement, and racial segregation started as a civil rights movement led by African- Americans in the 1950s. It went on till the late 1960s in the United States. 

This era has been shown by some of the most well-known movies like Selma of Ava AuVernay, Taraji P Hensons’ hidden figures, Denzel Washington starrer Malcolm X, and many more. 

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The How I Feel podcast interviewed with actor Chris Rock and said that all the civil rights movies have dealt with racism. Still, none of them went deep into the racism issue, and this particular topic is shown from the very surface, which is not the real case scenario. 

The hero mentioned that he hates the entire civil rights movie. He gives a standing ovation to all the team’s efforts and assures the existence of such movies. The major problem is only the back of the bus, or the lunch counter is shown, which makes look racism a very flexible and fixable topic. He believes that the movies tend not to show the dysfunctional relationships between the ’40s and ’50s. The predator-prey relationship was not highlighted where white men could walk in the house and take away all the food. The actor brought up no movies named, but he did share a personal incident to draw attention to his point.

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Chris Rock talked about his mother visiting the veterinarian to remove her teeth as they could not visit a dentist. He emphasized that such incidents were too much than any movie ever showed them to be. 

It is disturbing to know that civil rights movies do not forecast such crucial concerns as racism is a major ongoing issue. Ignoring racism is going to do no good for any place or any person. 

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The actor of late is starring in season four of perilously exclaimed FX show Fargo. He will also work in Spiral, which is a reboot of the Saw franchise and is set to release in May 2021.

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