What causes puffy eyes? How to get rid of them?

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It is really annoying to wake up and start a day with drooped baggy eyes, especially when we are under severe stress. There are many different causes and day to day habits that affect our eyes adversely. But do you know this can also lead to serious eye allergies, even threats like Graves’ disease or ocular herpes? Let us check out various habits that cause puffy eyes and look for related home remedies.

What causes puffy eyes?


When we are undergoing stress or emotional breakdowns, we generally tend to spend nights together crying on it. This results in a fluid blockage in and around our eyes which causes swelling.

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Consuming excessive salt

Salt is a substance that helps the body to retain water. If these water levels increase then it results in bloating of the body, especially the eye area.

Short sleeping hours

Research suggests that a person should sleep at least 6-8 hours at night for a healthy lifestyle. For people who are working under stress and doing a lot of mental as well as physical activities, sound sleep is a must.

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Lack of proper sleep causes loss of collagen tissues which results in fluid blockage around the eye area. This is the very reason for puffy eyes and restless moods.

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking is a big no-no for all those who care for their skin. It makes you look aged and you can be prone to severe eye allergies. Alcohol, on the other hand, makes you dehydrated and this can also cause puffy eyes.

Graves’ disease

If you are on severe thyroid medications and have symptoms like blurred vision, redness, grainy sensation, etc. then immediately consult a doctor. This can be severe and can cause vision loss.

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Top home remedies to avoid puffy eyes

Cold compress: This is a highly used remedy for swollen eyes. All you need to do is take a clean cloth, dip it in cold water, and gently apply over your eye. You can also use a refrigerated cold spoon and pat it gently over your eyes.
Consume potassium-rich food: Foods like bananas, yogurt, dried apricots, potatoes, and leafy vegetables help to reduce excess fluid in the body.
Eye massaging: Massage your eye area gently for 5-10 minutes daily before going to bed. Work on the pressure points that help you soothe your eye area. Massaging your face triggers blood flow which lessens the puffiness of eyes and nearby area.

  • Drink plenty amount of water daily.
  • Use a cool eye serum or cream.
  • Use irritation-free cosmetics.

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The above-mentioned home remedies might help you get rid of puffy and swollen eyes. Although if your eyes still continue to swell and itch, then it’s time for you to call your doctor. Hope this information might have helped you solve your eye problems. Thank you for investing your time!

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