‘Black Is King’, Beyoncé’s new album, is the talk of the town

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The Lion King has been a Disney classic. Currently, music’s most remarkable woman, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, has opened up the transitioning story to turn into a journey and find the real Africa. ‘The Lion King: The Gift’, a Bey-curated track to the live-action revamp of the film, presently has its virtual backup, ‘Dark Is King’.

Here are the key arguments from the visual collection:

The moon

Beyonce offers an exceptional momentary monologue between ‘FIND YOUR WAY BACK’ and ‘BIGGER’ after an opening performance at a breezy oceanfront. At the point when Africans scattered far and wide, our ancestors considered the moon as a symbol of recognition and solace. Beyonce reminds the world that a journey is a blessing that has something to offer to your mind’s entryways. Also, that is the way we can discover something like home.

The green color

The person you find painted green isn’t doing so without any specific reason. The African tribal body painting of that person is used to portray heritage and status. In Africa, the green shade resembles growth, healing, and life, helping the audience remember that the recuperating and blooming Africa is engaging in afresh. The remarkable shade of green here likewise contains blue tones. Blue can resemble togetherness and harmony for a few, alongside shelter and struggle.

Leather: the new gold

Throughout the movie, Bey, along with her troop, wears some of the best animal prints and leathers alongside using the material for stage design. Despite selling only four percent of the world’s leather, Ethiopia solely has 57 million cattle, which might put the motherland above the industry. The majority of Africa’s gold was mined and removed during colonization, and the best place to derive riches is the leather industry. Consequently, Yoncé and co. wearing the most recent prints and best leather patchwork is another indication of Africa’s extraordinary power.


The tringle sign resembles the heightened celestial position. However, this symbol has been seen as the Eye of providence for several years. Eye of Providence is a symbol related to the Illuminati. Therefore, the decision is yours!


Seeing black women dresses up in stunning gowns and seeing love for these females in the joyous celebration is empowering, and a feel-good sight. Such behavior towards black women makes them feel self-worth into these women who were once made to feel worthless.

Beyonce has always stood by Kelly Rowland, who was immensely damaged by colorism in her life. Despite all the negative comparisons, the 30-years friendship or sisterhood between Bey and Kelly was constant, which proves that the alliance among black women could be really strong.

Watching Black Is King as a family episode without the presence of Beyonce’s sister Solange seemed awkward. Even her mother, Miss Tina, was seen in a tea party scene with Kelly and others. There has been immense debate on why suddenly Beyonce is celebrating Africa. Africa is a continent that has been represented unfairly over the years. In fact, one of Beyonce’s films appropriated against African culture. Also, Bey hasn’t done a show on this continent for over ten years. So, why is she representing African culture? Numerous questions are being raised on Bey representing the culture of Africa.

Whatever is the case, Africa was never a broken country, and this continent is rich in tribes or communities, leaving its mark.

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