Addison Rae and Bryce hall getting back together?

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Addison Rae and Bryce Hall- relationship status: Rekindled? 

The TikTok stars leave their fans ambiguous about their relationship. Addison Ray is a dancer and an American social media influencer alongside a TikTok star. Although she is just 19, Addison has become relatively popular and successful, with over 52 million TikTok followers. Similarly, Bryce Hall is a popular name on TikTok and other social media. In recent times, they have been hanging out together and seem to get very close. Yet, it is not clear if they have officially reunited, and everyone is eager to understand their relationship status.

So, let us know why the entire mess of speculations from fans began!

Seemingly, Bryce and Addison made their first TikTok appearance together on 7th October 2019. Gradually, the TikTok videos reflected their bond and closeness with each other. Further, in a November TikTok, Bryce tricks Addison, and in another, they tease their fans with an almost kiss which reflected their chemistry. By December, their videos and Instagram pictures seemed to define their close relationship.

 They posted fun-filled and cuddly TikTok videos alongside videos where they almost seemed to kiss each other. However, this year in January, Bryce Hall took to the rumors and revealed in his tweet that they are not dating but “just friends”. Further, in an interview, Addison also opened up about her relationship with Bryce. She confirmed that they are really good friends. They met in October 2019 and became very close. However, Addison moved to LA, they got busy with their work and decided to stay friends.

People were stretching for their relationship to be back, but Bryce did not express any probability of reconciliation. However, he praised Addison confessed that she was the best girl he ever dated and a good influence. Time flies, and people’s thoughts change. Just after a few days, Bryce revealed that he would date Addison again! Bryce still had feelings for Addison, whereas Sheri (Addison’s mother) responded to a fan that Bryce and Addison are not together anymore.

June 2020 saw them together as they joined hands to protest- “Black Lives Matter”, in LA. Jaden Hosler, a former member of Sway Boy, accompanied them. They were spotted hanging out a lot, and the couple posted three TikTok videos. Well, the fans became excited about the Braddison reunion.  There were numerous shreds of evidence of their rekindling relationship, but Addison denied all the speculations about her relationship with Bryce. Yet, the pair was open about their date and shared pictures on Instagram.

When people thought that they were finally reunited, Bryce denied again but told the Braddison shippers to “have hope”. A few days later, the pair was spotted holding hands and joining family dinners. Also, they posted a picture where they almost seemed to kiss. Further, Braddison participated in a Chapstick challenge together! Their chemistry is evident, but they do not seem to confirm their relationship and seem to keep it “friend-zoned”.

Keep guessing- Are they back or not?

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